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Jun 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Everything You Should Know About Insulated Concrete Form Construction

It can be argued that no area of the country tests the constitution of buildings quite like southeastern Texas. With temperatures ranging from the low 40’s to upper 90’s throughout the year, high levels of humidity, and hurricane residue blowing in from the Gulf Coast on occasion, buildings in the area must be able to handle a wide range of conditions.


Sadly, many common framing solutions, such as OSB wood and insulated metal panels, are not up to the test. Wood-based OSB panels are a poor choice for the humidity, as they readily absorb moisture. Not only will this lead to shrinking/swelling and its accompanying degradation, but it puts the framing at high risk of rot. OSB panels are also at risk of fire and pest damage.


Likewise, insulated metal panels are far from an ideal solution. They have notoriously poor sound insulation, causing buildings to become unbearably loud in times of heavy wind. The Texas humidity may also lead to corrosion, so building owners need to work hard to ensure that moisture does not build up on the metal panels, as rust can significantly degrade the R-value of IMPs.


Due to these limitations, architects are increasingly turning to insulated concrete forms (ICF) construction in southeastern Texas and surrounding areas. ICF construction places concrete and reinforced steel in hollow panels made of expanded polystyrene insulation. Separated by cross-ties, the interlocking panels are stacked and locked into place, with the concrete adding additional reinforcement once it sets inside this hollow space. The result is a framing solution that is remarkably durable, energy efficient, and yields a consistent interior temperature to handle the gamut of weather conditions that Texas throws at it.


For everything you need to know about ICF construction, keep reading this detailed infographic by Fox Blocks!

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