Elegant New Historical Townhomes

Designing to coordinate a large project program within a very tight lot is a complex feat that Architectura SA prides itself in and this project is no exception. Despite these design challenges, these luxury townhomes were boldly planned to fit four (4) multi-story residential units on a narrow residential lot while still presenting an elegant 2.5 story overall design that tastefully complements the surrounding historic district. While providing sensitivity to the surrounding properties and the massing typical of the neighborhood, the main design emphasizes a stylish front porch that is flanked by a series of shed dormers and balconies that accentuates each residential entry. The rear of the property includes a detached structure that resembles a charming outhouse and supplements the aesthetic design of the main structure.

This project is yet another exemplary example of utilizing alternative advanced construction materials to build with better building systems that delivers a high performance envelope for the end user. The special attention given to this design is reflective in the end result that cleverly brings new life to a vacant lot while augmenting and being a part of the present history of the historical district that is entering a new era of growth and revitalization.

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