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Texas Regional Bank’s objective was to expand and establish a new branch location in Harlingen, Texas.  The goal was to construct a new branch location that would be sustainable, energy efficient, and keep the monthly operating costs down; Insulated Concrete Forms was the perfect candidate to achieve these easily attainable design goals.  Architectura SA was selected as the ICF architect of this project to provide the ICF expertise in designing with AMVIC ICF Blocks.  Utilizing ICF Blocks provided an energy-efficient structure and envelope that provided easy support of the brick veneer typical of Texas Regional Bank’s corporate style.  In addition, the ability of ICF Blocks to be easily modified into a variety of shapes enabled the creation of multiple arches and large openings without requiring additional costly steel beams and columns.  The use of ICF in this project dramatically simplified the construction process for this project as one trade was able to provide the construction services typically reserved for multiple trades and, as a result, expedited the construction schedule.  This project was nominated as a 2011 ICF Builder Award Finalist, recognizing the creativity in utilizing multiple arched openings and tall wall construction with ICF blocks.


ICF Architect: Architectura SA
ICF Engineer: R-S-C-R, Inc.
ICF Installer: ICF Constructors, LLC
ICF Form Distributor: Amvic Direct
ICF System: Amvic


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