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Core design objectives for residential projects vary depending on the site conditions and hazards that exists.  Nowadays, homes are becoming more at risk to severe storms, wildfires, termites, and floods which are now alarming issues to take under serious consideration during the early stages of a house project.  Before making one of the biggest personal investments a homeowner can make, it is crucial to consider the best approach to protect the private venture and ensure the end result will meet all expectations.  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is considered to be one of the most resilient envelope systems available in the industry today with its solid reinforced concrete core that cost-effectively provides an all-in-one solution to all these hazards.

Architectura SA is recognized by the ICF builder awards for its creativity in forcing innovative solutions that have resulted in advancements in the ICF industry. By embracing ICF as a concrete form, Architectura SA prides itself with pushing forward on “thinking-outside-the-box” design ideas that go beyond the ICF industry norm. These design innovations have resulted in statement design features that are typically more complicated and/or costly to achieve with other traditional construction means. With Architectura SA long history and expertise designing with Insulated Concrete Forms, the firm developed exclusive design tools that will deliver a unique, beautiful and elegant home worthy of noteworthy acclaim & recognition.

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ArchitecturaSA expands upon its goals in incorporating resilient design by incorporating FORTIFIED into their design objectives.  FORTIFIED is the National Standard for Resilience in the United States and ArchitecturaSA is certified as a FORTIFED-Wise Professional and Evaluator.  In terms of design service offerings, this is where ArchitecturaSA stands out as unique due the synergistic opportunity to merge the inherent resilient features of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) with the design objectives of FORTIFED.  Through our expertise, our resilient designs enable for the cost effective delivery of FORTIFIED designated homes which will result in increased property value, protection of family belongings, reduction in property insurance premiums along with greater fire protection, and, most importantly, greater peace-of-mind knowing your one-of-kind & irreplaceable assets are SAFE.

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