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Architectura SA is a full service architectural design firm based out of San Antonio, TX. The firm’s expertise is diversified with vast experience designing buildings for government agencies, corporations, religious groups, residential, medical entities, individuals, and educational institutions.  The firm is geographically centrally located in the United States and has provided architectural services in multiple states throughout the United States including: Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Maine, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We believe that as responsible architects, the design should start with the fundamental principle of emphasizing efficient and cost-effective construction systems while incorporating resilience and sustainability as the foundation of the design. For over twelve years we have effectively achieved superior building envelopes with the use of insulated concrete forms (ICF). Our methods consists of integrating sensitivity to the surrounding environment and combining them with energy efficient design strategies to allow the creation of high performance envelopes that far exceeds today’s building standards.  This approach allows our designs to achieve TRUE Sustainability by delivering buildings capable of withstanding severe weather storm events.  It is our ultimate goal to provide exceptional occupant satisfaction with first-class indoor environments free of allergens, humidity & pollutants that provide superior noise control, energy efficiency, & disaster safety.


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In addition, the talented team at Architectura SA, Inc. is certified and listed by Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) as a FORTIFIED Wise-Professional and Evaluator and offers specialized resilient designs eligible for FORTIFIED designation. The Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety and its FORTIFIED program is recognized for establishing the national standards for resilient construction.  When a building receives a FORTIFIED designation, it qualifies for insurance discounts and tax credits due to the improved resilience capabilities of the structure being designed to withstand major natural hazards.

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Our portfolio highlights examples of our unique architectural designs and our broad expertise with institutional, commercial, and residential types of projects.  Contact us so that we can make your bold architectural ideas and design goals become a reality.

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