Gun Safety in Banks

As a full service Architectural Design Firm, Architectura SA has, for many years, created sustainable building designs for financial institutions that give customers a highly-personalized banking experience – whether in a main bank, bank satellite location, credit union or corporate offices.  We incorporate distinctive display considerations as well as corporate branding throughout each facility and our architectural design team understands how to create financial buildings that attract customers into uniquely designed spaces. By strategically integrating insulated concrete forms (I.C.F.) into the envelope design of the building, Architectura SA’s finished product provides great indoor air quality requiring minimal climate control, superior ballistic safety, and resiliency capable of withstanding severe storm events. Most importantly, through Architectura SA specialization in Insulated Concrete Forms our designs cost effectively delivers new and effective control techniques for gun, collision, and blast safety that are becoming essential within most banking facilities.

Storm Resistant Design

In addition to security and customer safety, financial institutions must provide capabilities of remaining operational shortly after any major disaster event. Fittingly, resilience and true sustainability is easily achieved with our design expertise using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF construction). For coastal regions as well as tornado prone regions throughout Southeastern United States, Architectura SA’s designs are built with strength & safety as our primary objectives that will also deliver first-class energy efficiency, superior sound control and ultimate sustainability. In the end, financial institution buildings are local landmarks that are meant to last and project stability, continuity, and security to all of its customers. With our specialization and expertise designing with Insulated Concrete Forms for financial institutions….our notable designs successfully deliver on all of these objectives while adhering to the project’s budget, goals, and expectations.

As an Architectural firm specialized in financial institutions, Architectura SA’s reputation precedes itself – as our completed designs create banking facilities that are dynamic, functional environments while maximizing usable space.

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