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Retail designs that achieve a unique expression of function and branding can create one of the best forms of marketing & advertising in the retail industry today. Architectura SA has a history of successfully designing buildings and interiors to seize customers’ attention by effectively maximizing building exposure while integrating a balanced combination of tectonics, color, style, and spatial planning.  Thereby, our designs strive to create a visible architectural retail presence within its built environment and natural surroundings. Within the current retail industry, these evolving design objectives are essential in the emerging competitive retail market that must now emphasize improved shopper experience, convenience, and comfort to remain relevant. These fundamental principles are critical for the business’s long-term operational success – as this leads to significant results in increased sales and daily operational efficiencies.

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Harley Davidson Store Design


Multi Family Mixed Use

Residential, Retail

Mixed Use Project

Residential, Retail

ICF Shopping Center

ICF, Retail

Hot Brass Ranch Gun Club

ICF, Retail, Specialty

Profitable Retail Designs

The integrated functionality and elegance of our architecture will be unique to your brand or product(s). Architectura SA employs designers with experience in merging the architectural expression of the building with cost-effective energy efficient design strategies to create first-class buildings that deliver superior indoor environments requiring minimal maintenance. Most importantly, our talented team of architects provides the flexibility and skill sets necessary to maximize usable space with a bold statement design for both small and large scale developments. It is through our collective approach, the project will develop to ensure the end design incorporates the ideal scheme conducive to improving and maximizing upon the shopper’s experience.

Whether we design a donation center, eyewear store, or a motorcycle dealership, our architectural plans and unique ideas will fulfill the client’s expectations. Shopping malls and retail centers shall project a secure ambiance that will ultimately deliver a desirable facility capable of attracting and keeping valuable tenants on a long-term basis. The ability of our designs to keep and retain tenants while minimizing extended lease space vacancies augments our designs efforts for sustainability in this competitive retail real estate market.

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