Concrete Architecture

Located in the Texas Hill County stands a pinnacle of an ICF design that eloquently stands tall along the Texas hillside terrain.  Capitalizing on the majestic views, this bold design emphasizes a series of large windows with an elevated deck facing north oriented towards nature.  The plan consist of three levels carefully positioned to accommodate the existing hillside terrain with minimal site impact and are connected via a curved roof monitor that contains an elegant elevator shaft with a staircase contoured around it.  The overall design emphasizes the beautiful properties of concrete and its inherent capabilities to facilitate a unique envelope feature that cleverly merges Insulated Concrete Forms with the ISPAN composite system to facilitate a one-of-a-kind series of grandiose curves.  The stunning creativity involved in this design to harness the key properties of concrete is a spectacle that highlights how sustainability, nature, and concrete architecture can effectively work together.

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