Government facilities are structures that must be designed to endure long building life-cycles while keeping operating costs to a minimum. Buildings of this type require designs that are durable, low-maintenance, energy efficient, and, most importantly, resilient.

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Bexar County Courthouse


Dimmit County Justice of the Peace 


Dimmit County Recreational Facility 

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Dimmit Historic Courthouse

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Dimmit Fire Station


The talented design team at Architectura SA has the experience and background to cost-effectively incorporate all of these essential goals within the design of government facilities. Whether the project is intended to be utilized for courtrooms, assembly halls, record/data processing, or critical emergencies, it is vital for government facilities to be effectively designed as a safe and secured environment. Integrating these essential objectives while delivering a bold statement design worthy of civic pride is our specialty.

Whether renovating spaces in an existing building, rebuilding after a major disaster event, or designing a new structure within the community’s civic core, Architectura SA is a full-service architectural design firm with the unique expertise necessary to fulfill these critical design fundamentals. Our talented design team at Architectura SA offers unique & specialized design expertise in utilizing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) which results in a high performance building envelope that far exceeds the results delivered through conventional means of construction. With our history and expertise in designing with ICF for government facilities, our team of experts are able to cost effectively design buildings with strength and integrate energy-efficient strategies for first-class buildings that are truly sustainable, resilient, quiet and safe.

When designing for Government facilities, it is essential to incorporate building systems that will enable the building to remain operational before, during, and after a major disaster event. The ability of the structure to mitigate damage and recover quickly is a vital design objective for critical government facilities that must provide constant urgent emergency services. With the number of natural disasters becoming more frequent throughout United States, designing for resilience is of utmost importance. Our team of design experts have the expertise to effectively utilize Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) with its reinforced concrete core to achieve cost effective building design that capitalize on its natural resilience properties.

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