Excelling in sustainable design, Architectura SA is a full service architecture firm with experience designing buildings to accommodate restaurants, hunting lodges and other commercial hospitality-centered facilities.

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Our design team provides radical expertise in integrating sustainable high performance envelopes by effectively utilizing insulated concrete forms (ICF) within our hospitality projects. This forward-thinking approach allows our projects to very cost-effectively fulfill the client’s requirements for attractive, comfortable and functional spaces that are highly desirable within the hospitality industry. Architectura SA understands that the hospitality industry is driven by customer satisfaction and businesses must strategically distinguish themselves to remain competitive. Our firm’s ability to cost effectively create top-quality indoor environments that provide first-class noise control with superior indoor air quality enable our hospitality projects to stand out far above the competition.

Architectura SA employs designers with extensive experience in incorporating energy efficient design strategies as required to create cost-effective, safe, resilient buildings that deliver exceptional indoor environments. Our focus with hospitality projects is to emphasize maximizable usable space for the enjoyment of the users through the creation of intimate and cozy atmospheres. Combining this vital objective with the integration of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and its surrounding built environment is essential to create a perfect sense of space. With our firm’s vast expertise designing with Insulated Concrete forms and profound understanding of the natural properties of concrete, we can deliver unique and innovative building features exclusive to ICF Construction, which allows for the delivery of a bold statement design worthy of industry acclaim. These acquired design tools allows for the creation of an updated one-of-a-kind expression that reflects an ideal identity & function of the project. Our talented design team at Architectura SA provides over a decade of experience designing with ICF and has the expertise and knowledge to deliver a high performance building envelopes essential in emerging hotels, restaurants, and lodging facilities.

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