Bee Cave, TX

Centrally located in the heart of Texas, west of the City of Austin, this ICF construction Building was designed to accommodate a banking facility with a drive-thru and an additional tenant.

The project utilizes a flat roof system with a single discharge point for the purpose of connecting to a rainwater collection system intended to be reused for landscape irrigation. In addition, the roofing system maximizes its solar reflectivity with the use of the Hydrostop Premium Coat System along with several layers of rigid insulation providing an energy-efficient roof to go along with the ICF walls for a complete high-performance building envelope. As an added bonus, the use of Insulated concrete forms simplified the attachments of the window awnings by allowing them to be simply anchored directly to the ICF walls.

This project represents an excellent example of taking advantage of all the benefits insulated concrete form brings to an ICF design and achieving them economically.

ICF Construction Team:

  • ICF Architect: Architectura SA
  • ICF Engineer: R-S-C-R, Inc.
  • ICF Installer: Global ICF
  • ICF Form Distributor: Fox Blocks
  • ICF System: Fox Blocks

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