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Best Light Commercial Project

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Inspired by the aviation industry and the profile of an airfoil typically used for aircraft wings and propellers, the Architectural features for this project emphasizes curved lines achieved with the combined use of ICF with a Quonset roof application. The end result is an elegant curved metal roof that follows the clean curves of the ICF wall creating a modern and sleek exterior design. To complement these modern curves, the design boldly features cantilevered concrete slabs 6” thick that achieves an elegant, narrow profile for the entry balcony & roof projections. To maximize the occupiable area within the tight constraints of the property, the main walls are poured at 23’ heights and includes a unique mezzanine finished with stylish stainless steel cable railings. This project is significant as it highlights how fast three non-traditional construction materials can work together effectively to simplify and advance the construction industry as a whole. Undoubtedly, the main showpiece of this project, is the large corner window with butt joint glazing that defines the front of the building formed by cantilevered ICF concrete walls 17’ projections. This unique corner feature delivers an architectural statement that defines the entire project while still creating a unique interior atmosphere that alludes to an aircraft cockpit. The end result is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that was selected as an ICF Builder Award Finalist for 2021.

ICF Construction Team:

  • ICF Architect: Architectura SA

  • ICF Engineer: 13th LV, PLLC

  • ICF Installer: ICF Constructors, LLC

  • ICF Form Distributor: Amvic Direct

  • ICF System: Amvic

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