Earthquake Resistant Design

Located in the largest of the Mariana Islands, Guam provides one of most hazardous design conditions for Architecture in the United States. Being located near a major fault, the site is classified under the maximum seismic design category “E” as “Very High Hazard” which are prone to violent ground-shaking intense enough to destroy buildings. In addition, Guam lies within the typhoon belt and is periodically struck by tropical storms and typhoons establishing a wind-borne debris hazard region for up to 170 mph wind loads. The proposed bold and elegant new ICF House near Asan, Guam abuts the north coast of Agana Bay and strategically incorporates numerous resilient elements designed to withstand the harsh conditions prone to the island. This brilliant design takes full advantage of a reinforced concrete shell that delivers superior humidity control while providing an envelope that takes full advantage of the one-of-a-kind scenic views of the North Coast of Guam and the Latte of Freedom island monument. The ensuing outcome pioneers a new example of architecture for Guam that ingeniously alludes to the unique island identity of Guam.

ICF Construction Team:

  • ICF Architect: Architectura SA
  • ICF Engineer: Alpha Engineers
  • ICF Installer: ICF Pros, LLC
  • ICF System: Fox Blocks

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