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The Boulder Farms Townhomes is an ICF Builder Awards recognized project built in Johnston, Rhode Island and is considered to be one of the largest townhome mass developments constructed in the United States with ICF. The project consists of nearly 290,000 sq. ft. of residential housing with a total of one hundred & forty-four (144) new residential units. The master plan consists of a series of thirty-six (36) quadplexes designed as a two-story townhomes with a single car garage. This is a noteworthy project as this distinct project focuses on efficiently designing with Insulated Concrete Forms to ensure a cost-effective approach that would exceed the performance & budget of wood construction. For this particular design, simplicity was key……”Less is more”…..the structure’s spacing, spans, and overall massing were all carefully coordinated to work with other cost-effective building systems to ensure the construction budget was maintained. This careful collaboration facilitated a clean and simple design that enabled for a fast and streamlined assembly process. This is a milestone project that brings to the public eye how smart design strategies combined with vigilant construction management will enable for ICF to deliver high quality housing that is sustainable, energy efficient, with superior sound control at a very affordable cost.

ICF Construction Team:

  • ICF Architect: Architectura SA
  • ICF Form Distributor: Amvic Direct
  • ICF System: Amvic

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